Gem Blockchain Privacy Policy

Gem Blockchain never knows who you are or what websites you visit.

Gem Blockchain Privacy Policy

Information we don't collect

Gem Blockchain is designed so that it doesn't access, create, or store any information which could be used to track you. Gem Blockchain doesn't store any identifying information about your device, such as your IP address.

You don't need a phone number, email, or any information tied to your real identity to use Gem Blockchain. We did this so that you'll know you're private and anonymous whenever you use Gem Blockchain.

We value your privacy, so Gem Blockchain is a tool that’s private by design. Every choice we’ve made in the design and implementation of the Gem Blockchain node and website have been made with a focus on the protection and preservation of your privacy.

Information which could be exposed

Whenever you start running Gem Blockchain, you need to connect to a masternodes. The information about how to contact this masternodes is contained within a static file served by the Gem Blockchain team. This server does not store any access records.

This node serves you a list of Nodes which Gem Blockchain can then contact. Your IP address can be seen by the masternodes at one point in time. We do not store a record of this connection.

No other information is collected or stored.

Information which could be shared

If you use Gem Blockchain on your macOS or Windows computer, Apple or Microsoft might store information about how you use the app.

MacOS analytics and Windows diagnostic data collection may record app crashes or usage information, depending on your personal operating system settings. This is a feature of these operating systems and applies to any software you use. Gem Blockchain itself never records stores, or shares any of this information.

Website Privacy Policy

Information we don’t collect

The Gem Blockchain website never attempts to link your usage of the website to your real identity or create a user profile based on your activity.

We do not use any cookies on our website to track information.

Who can collect information?

We are hosting the site on the GitHub pages. We cannot guarantee that GitHub does not store the user's IP address, so use a means that can hide your real address.